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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parker's Going To College!!!! (avec moi!)

Avec moi... with me.

Yes, my littlest Mister has been volunteered to go to my Developmental Psych class tomorrow afternoon for a demonstration. I'm not really sure what they'll do with him- but he's a cute lil mess- so, he's got that going for him :) I asked them to bring a duck. The ONLY think he will do on command is QUACK. Like a duck. It's so stinkin' cute. I only hope he'll perform in a large classroom of about 250 seats (and, who knows how many will show up it varies day to day).

So, wish us luck tomorrow. As we hike together. And, then ride the bus together. And, hike some more before we even get to the building.

I think he's excited about it though. I asked if he was going to school with Mommy and he says, "Yesh". I say- are you going to be good? And, he says "Bubba". I'm assuming that's a no :)

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