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Monday, October 6, 2008


Today must not have been my 'bus riding' day. I park a good ways from where our actual classes are, in a lot where a good majority of students park and catch the bus. The bus ride takes about 5-10 minutes to get to my stop. This morning I arrive, and get about 50ft from the door of the bus. He closes the door up and drives on. I happened to park in the west lot- so I RAN my booty off to the east lot. I got about 30ft from the door before he left. I dropped my white jacket on the ground (in a puddle no doubt- its a rainy, nasty day here).

French Test- must've been hard for us all. Last test, we were all out of there fairly quickly. Today was not so- about 95% of the class was in there until the last second!
Genetics- Oh, I really don't like that class at all. It is SO boring. It sounded interesting. But, my professor is at the University for a major research project and I don't think she could care one bit about actually teaching anybody anything. She's so random.
I spent 2 hours working on my Psych 3093 study guide (and no, I am not even half way done!) I must finish it tonight! My test is Wednesday!

More bus drama. Again, I get to the stop and hes closing the stinkin' door when I am 20 seconds away! So, I run, thinking maybe I can make it to the next stop in time to get on. No, I am 15 seconds away! I swear!!!! I decided that instead of sitting there for 10 minutes waiting for the next bus to circle around, I'd just start walking. So, I did. And, I was a little unsure about how to get to the parking lot on foot. But, I made it. And- guess what- right behind me the bus pulled in. I left class at 2:15 and got to my van at 2:45ish. I guess it takes about the same amount of time to walk as it does wait for the bus when you miss the 2:20 one!

So, ends another drama filled school day in the life of moi :0

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  1. Ughh! That bus thing does not sound like fun!

    So, how are you finding time for all of the homework? I am really struggling right now.

    I am trying to get the little dude down so I can dig in, but he has been wanting to stay up until 10pm and it is a constant fight to get him down.


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