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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holy Moses!

There's a cRaZy guy on Campus. I like to listen to this guy while I eat lunch outside. He's extreme. He's got videos on Youtube. I think it's funny when students try to argue with him. He goes off on random topics and won't really answer questions. I wrote a few things he said (SANG actually, he likes to sing) yesterday. I'm also posting one of his videos. NOTE: I am NOT promoting this guy AKA His nickname is Moses at the U. I just think he's nuts. And, it's kinda funny how some people can be so extreme in their beliefs.
Moses said: (Not me!)
* (This was a song) Fraternities and sororities have 1 thing in common, STD's. Oh, there's a cup of trembling {didn't catch the word} from God and me. Let the sunshine in, turn away from sin. Sinners never win. Turn away from sin.
* Do you know why the coast gets hurricanes? Because, God hates them? Why do people get migraines? B/c God hates them. New Orleans gets hit so badly b/c God hates them, it's full of sin. (this was from last Wednesday)
* (Another lovely song) What did you expect at Virgina Tech? There was a man who was taught he came from a fish {Yea, I was thinking WTF here too?!} U of A, I'm blaming you too. What did you expect at Virgina Tech? You love rock and roll and your beer. I'm blaming you today (he blows his whistle) People blame it on the guns. Well, do you blame the spoon or Rosie O'Donnell for being fat? Take the guns away from the people. It's a crime to give a gun to a homosexual. Letting a woman with short hair have a gun is an outcry. (I had to go to class, I didn't get to finish this one!) {I'm posting his YouTube video on this - it was posted this August, so I guess he 'recycles' his speeches}
* He sang a song last week about "Sprawled-Out Leg Sally" the sorority girl with STD's.
You will have to pause the music at the bottom and hit play on this~

Do you see where I am coming from? It's like a comedian. This dude is really crazy. If you can't tell so far- he doesn't particularly care for homosexuals or frats/sororities.

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