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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's a busy week for us!

* Parker did fan-tab-u-lus Friday. I have a picture to share- this deserves a post on its own.
* Logen was seizure free all weekend long!
* Mr Parker has a hearing test this afternoon (FINGERS CROSSED that all goes well!)
* Logen has been *willingly* using his talker more frequently. Last night he carried it to Adam and asked for milk please. :) Go Logen!!!!
* I *think* I did well on yesterday's French exam
* Parker will be 2 Sunday!!! Where does time go?!

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  1. Crossing my fingers too for Parker's hearing test. Can't wait to read about Parker's big day at the school!

    I have been praying for Logen so hopefully it is working.....LOL.

    Making Jessica's rolls right now. Punched them down waiting for them to rise up again!!!!

  2. I miss you so much, Jess!! I feel *awful* for not posting/texting as much...PLEASE know you are on my mind & I think of you all often!!
    Parker is going to be 2???!!! WTH???? That makes me sad....cause it means my little Mia will be 2 soon too!! I don't want my baby to grow up!!!
    Love ya!


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