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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Hole

Ya know, you feel like your finally gettin' outta that hole. And you slip. Thats me. I'm there. I peep up over the edge and then miss a step and slip right back down to the bottom. Seriously. It's chaos!!!!

Parker's been on antiobiotics for a bilateral ear infection since Wednesday. Spikes a fever Friday night, lasts all day Saturday, not so much of yesterday, but up last night.
At noon the daycare calls.
DC: "Um, we took his temp .... 101.6 ..."
Me thinks... that sounds like a radio station. la - de - da - de - da - da - daaaaa
Me says: Oh. Well, I'm going to catch the bus and get to my car. It'll be about 45 minutes before I can get there

We go to the Dr. I love co-pays. 20 bucks here, 20 bucks there. I'm rich. What can I say. 20 bucks- no biggie. Not like it takes Adam anytime to make that..... hahahahahaha (got the sarcaism? good)

Dr: That ear looks horrible.
Me: You said that 5 days ago.
Dr: I did? Oh, yes.... Next ear, um not so good either. Well, you know the body can.... he's immune to the antibiotic most likely
Me thinks: give me something else so we can leave

I missed my afternoon class today. I missed all last Wednesday. And Thursday. I have a 6 page critique due tomorrow over a {dumb} play I forced my loving husband to suffer through (Hey, if I had to sit through 3.5 hours of hell-o, shouldn't he?!) And a test. So, I can't really miss that.

I've emailed my teacher to ask if I can bring Parker along. Can you see that? I'm going to do real well on that test. Little turkey trying to escape my lap, disturbing EVERYBODY and their dog to. We shall see. She may so no, no, no do not bring that child with you!

Moral of my post: Venting.... I'm stuck in a hole and I can't get out!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

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  1. How did it go today? Did you end up bringing Parker to campus? Keep your chin up. It is midterm, correct? You are halfway through the semester. You can do it!


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