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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bodily Functions

Parker pee-peed on the potty this morning (for the first time EVER at home!). We did a happy dance and clapped and he got a 'ummy'. (AKA gummy worm) He also talked me into stopping at the Golden Arches for a sausage biscuit.

Moral of the story: Pee in the potty

He peed in the potty twice at daycare today (halfway on the floor once.) His response to the floor mishap, "Oh".

Tonight I sit completely freaking out about exams, the stinker takes off his pull-up and poops on my floor. It hits the pillow on the way down. This incident took maybe 30 seconds. Not long enough for me to catch it. So, I have a poop mess on my floor and pillow (this is why I love not having carpet!)

Little dude goes and finishes on the toilet. He squeezes out a drop (pellet, whatever) and requests a 'ummy' and the dance. We did it, of course reminding him that we START and FINISH pooping in the pot! Silly kid!

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