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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Logen had a seizure at school this morning. :( He went to the nurses office for a bit to re-gain color and 'perkiness'.

I look like I've been hit by about 10 Mac trucks, worse- I feel like I've been run over by about 35 of them. You know it's bad when a dear friend says you look rough. It has been the week from hell. Pardon my language.

Logen has a Dr's appt this afternoon, will update soon.

Happy Note: He made a 6-hit sequence on his "talker" w/ Ms Gail yesterday!!!!!!! More than once... he did it before he put in every single puzzle piece. Not b/c she asked him to, but b/c Logen wanted to! I was so stinkin' excited!

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  1. Big hugs coming your way, Jess! I'll be watching for the update on Logen.

  2. Hey Jessica, What 'Talker' does Logen use?
    My daughter is trialing a 'ECO 14' using MinSpeak,

    I hate seizures, Kate has had 3 bad ones but only one at school thankfully.

    Hope you get them sorted...

  3. So sorry Jess - I know seizures are so scary. I hope they are able to get it under control soon. Same with the biting, hopefully it's just a stage that he tires with quickly.


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