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Friday, February 6, 2009


My Internet finally works again! YAY! We managed to keep our power most of last week, only losing it for a few hours. My mom lost hers for 5 days. We have friends that are still w/o power. FEMA has stepped in to help our area. It was a nasty ice storm! I've got some neat pictures of our home. We had icicles as long as Parker is tall. The University looked like a tornado hit the tops of all the trees, it was probably the yuckiest I've seen "in person".

Crazy stuff going on. I thought Parker was going to be kicked out of daycare for his biting today. I had a meeting with the site and program Directors this morning. Talk about anxiety! I am at a loss. I don't know what to do with him. He's got an OT eval in the morning. I think he's got some serious sensory issues. He was in the 16th percentile on his last eval 6 or 8 months ago, which put him like 1-2% away from qualifing. He also qualifies for Speech, there are some delays there. Insurance denies that, they say he's too young. They are still denying Logen too- who would guess a 5 y/o non-verbal child NEEDS speech. Idiots. I hate insurance! I expected 'therapy' from Parker, since he joined the world a little early. Just add another thing to our 'plate'. Why not? Apparently... I can handle it. HAHAHA

Any tips for biters? PLEASE tell me! We are DESPERATE here!

I have a Calculus test Tuesday, Paper due Wednesday, and a Microbio test Thursday. Not to mention we missed all of last week b/c the area shut down with ice. I am going to go nuts this weekend. Just shoot me now.

No word on little Logen's results, yet. Trying to get more therapy. I wish we had more therapists around here! Or better yet, less children with the need for therapy. I am sure we can all agree with that one! I wish my Logen wasn't in such need.

I'm having some 'me stuff' issues. We've been internet-less for the last week- but I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. I'm working on things. It's just hard.

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  1. Been thinking about you lots, Jess!! ((BIG HUGS)) to all of you :)

  2. Hey Jess, The only way I know how to deal with biters is that if Parker bites you or any one else for that matter is instantly put him down and deny any attention for about 2 - 5 min. He will soon realise that if he wants attention from Mum (sorry, Aussie!) he needs to not bite her. Worked for my two boys. (Kate never Bit)

    Hope this helps and I enjoy reading your blog..


  3. I am so glad to see you posting! I was getting worried about you. I hope that everything works out. I know how much you have on your plate. Take care of yourself and enjoy Twilight!! They are great books to procrastinate with!


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