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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleepless Night

Right after I hit post last night, things went WAY down hill! Parker woke up with a cough that got REALLY bad. We did the steam room thing and breathing treatments. Luckily, my Step-Dad is a respiratory therapists- and he was working last night. So, I paged him- he was able to listen to Parker and have the input of some co-workers. We did Xopenex once an hour, Tylenol Cough, Humidifier, steam/cold bursts- I think that was it. It was rough. We opted not to go to the ER b/c the only thing different they would have done was an IV steriod.
I took him to the Dr today- he's got Croup w/ Strider. We added a steriod and will keep up the Pulmicort (2x a day) and Xopenex (every 4 hours).
His eczema is also looking yucky on his face, so we got a steriod cream to apply 2x a day.
Little dude's going to be so hyped up on Steriods.

* Logen's Keppra was increased Tuesday as his seizures have increased. We didn't see any today. Yay :)

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  1. What a night! I hope he's feeling better soon and the no-biting things keeps up. Yay for no seizures for Logan!

  2. Oh boy Jess! That is a rough night. I hope that today is better. It is good news that there is no biting!

    I am so glad to hear that there have not been any seizures!


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