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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parker + Tabasco = Good Choices

Odd, I know. Abusive- I disagree.

Parker bit the snot out of Logen on Saturday. Bruised the poo out of his arm, nearly brought blood. He was also 'kicked out of school early' Friday for biting 2 children, 1 who did bleed- on the leg! By Saturday Adam & I were searching for things to do next. My mom said Tabasco worked for me. I was a 'little sh*t', just like Parker... so was Adam. Now you see where Parker came from?! Paybacks! haha

Back to the story-> we gave him less than .5mL of the hot stuff. Poor little man cried and cried. He had milk in a sippy on the table (but he didn't go for it and Adam and I didn't remind him to drink) nor did we cuddle him. Let me tell you how much that broke my heart. His face was so red and he was screaming. I felt like the worst mother in the world! He sat in Logen's chair all by himself and cried it out, making terrible little faces at us.

(Totally knocking on wood here!) He has NOT bitten since!!!!!!!!!! We gave gummies at daycare yesterday for 'good choices'. Today I hung gummies from his cubby where he could see them all day to remind him to make good choices.

When I got to daycare today, one of the girls in his class ran up to me and said- "Parker didn't bite today!". 2 other kids commented on his 'no biting status'. We've made a HUGE deal about his great choices- so I am hoping it sticks! Poor kid isn't going to have any friends if he bites!

He also 'pee-pee'd' in the potty 2x today at school :)

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  1. Ahhh...so the old payback saying is true! :) Way to go Parker on the "good choices" and the potty!

  2. Yeah Parker keep those good choices and going potty!

  3. i wish we could find a way t o get audrianna to stop biting the girl loves super hot stuff so tobasco sauce is out. My mom just got her to eat noodles with hot pepper sezuchan (sp0 Sauce mixed in I tried it and gagged it was so spicy audrianna ate a whole bowl of noodles with it and wanted more


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