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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Math Bologna

I'm not sure I can do it. Math, seriously scares me. How I made it through to the point I am now- I just don't really know. I am working on me review and discouraged. I want to drop this class. I could go to Isis and drop it this very moment. I will have to take it eventually. I'm just not motivated to do it now. I feel like a failure when I miss problems!

I know we've got bigger fish to fry. But, I can have my pity party over 16 weeks of mathematical hell. I'd rather be suffering in French again. At least there's a concrete answer/reason for that! I'm not ever going to need this crap again!

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  1. Sorry you are struggling. I started off as a math major and quickly switched to a minor after calc nearly killed me. It's just so hard, but gosh I love math for the most part. Calc no good. Hope you survive. I liked Calc II & III so much I took it twice. Darned it!

  2. I totally sympathize. I am amazingly dense when it comes to math. I aced English anything in high school, but struggled mightily with math, so much so that I was afraid it would destroy my chances of going to a good college. I pulled through, but my English scores were significantly higher than my math ones. Good luck!!!

  3. I put the "Prayin' for Logen" blinkie on my blog! (((HUGS)))


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