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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Seizure & More Biting

Logen has increased his drooling lately. He's also had a few episodes of 'foamy' vomit after eating. Not more than an hour after talking with one of his therapists about not seeing any more seizure activity, guess who has a seizure?!?! Yea... go figure. I think we also need to do a more complete swallow study. He has a barium study scheduled for March, but I'm thinking we need to move it up. He sees the Ped Thursday for a well child check- at least now we have a few things to talk about. :(

Logen has started biting at school! What the poo?!?!?!?! He made many attempts to bite friends today and actually bit 2 teachers! I assure you, we are not taking any biting in our house lightly. I don't think our method of action (time-out and a talking to, then apologizing [by sign or otherwise]) is working... we are working on this.

I think both children biting has something to do with frustration over lack of communication. I think that Logen has so much to say, Parker does as well- and well- things just aren't being communicated.

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  1. Oh, Jess! Sorry to hear about the seizure. I hope you find answers soon! Bummer on the biting too. Lack of communication ability sure can cause frustration! Good luck!

  2. My first thought with biting is the same as yours - frustration sourced in communication (lack of). Many children go through a biting stage - children that do not have a diagnosis. School personnel should know how to manage this, I think.

    Is there any consideration for augmentative communication technology, in addition to signing?

    Here is the blog of a speech therapist, fyi.




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