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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trashy Read # 2

I'm working on finishing the 'leaked' 5th book in the Twilight series (it's online if anybody is interested... it's GOOD!) But, my next trashy read is another Chelsea book. I have so much serious-ness in my life- I'm going with total crap to read!!! I 'you-tubed' her and she's got some funny stuff out there! I'll post one here. Just don't allow your kids to watch them... :)

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  1. Ohhhh I LOVED Twilight, but am refusing to read it online! It's a tactile thing for me, it needs to be in my hands and I need to physically be able to turn the pages!! Can't wait until it comes out!!!

    Love the trashy novels, I'm still recovering from my Twilight high--I finished about a month ago. I think I'm ready to move on, but definitly not to something heavy. I'm going to look into the books you've suggested! Thanks! :)

  2. I'm still on my Twilight high as well. I felt horrible for even thinking about reading the other book. I miss the characters. How weird am I?!?!? Definitely gotta follow up Twilight with something light and cheerful!

  3. LOL--You are not weird. For about 2 weeks after I finished I couldn't stop thinking about Edward and Bella. I felt like I had lost some friends. I still find myself thinking about them, but it's much less frequent now! It was so good!


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