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Friday, February 13, 2009

More Seizure Activity

My little Logen! He had another at school this morning. Followed by buckets of drool, tongue clicking, and a pale face (taking about 30 minutes to regain color).

I have heard back from St Louis (I also put in a call to our state hospital's Neuro) The nurse said it sounded like time to increase meds. I told her my concerns about that. I do NOT like the Keppra and I am not happy with increasing that medication. 1) He doesn't eat to well on it. Although his appetite has come back for the most part- he's still not gaining any weight and hasn't in a year
2) Behavior! It makes him crazy! I don't like the way it affects his behavior/attitude

She was going to talk to the Neuro and call me back shortly.
I want seizures under control for good!

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  1. I am sorry sweetie, please know I am still praying for you and your family. Please keep us posted. I hope you heard back from the neuro. We go for Sean's follow up on Monday. What type of seizures is Logen having? Sean has complex partial seizures and I know different medications help different types of seizures but just thought I could try to help:) Hugs

  2. Hi, Jessica,
    I read quite few parent blogs - and many report their frustration with seizure management. I am not recommending other parents replace your physician, but the other parents can share a lot of what they have been through.

    Here is a post I thought was helpful, and which I will be linking into one of my future posts.


    My only warning is that mamamara is often very graphic - if you are do not enjoy crude humor, you might just want to read this one post.

  3. I lost you for awhile girl. I now have your updated blog address. Logen?! Man..I can't believe this honey. Ok..let's talk. I'm sure you're all over this. Food diet? My friend has tried that Kenetics diet? heard of this? stopped her daughters seizures. Have you gotten on P2P? I haven't been on there? I'll pray like the house is on fire honey.
    Huge hugs,


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