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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Day

Day 1: SCARY.

French: I walked into French (a la Francais) confident. hahahaha I walked out, and immediately pulled out the laptop to drop it. Don't fret, I'm back in Francais Un. Or however you say French 1.

Genetics: Ah, well ok. Read Ch 1 by Wednesday. 10-4

Lunch: With a friend, Chick-fil-A. Yum

Calculus: Oh, Lordy. I took notes, and was totally pumped. But, I think my teacher has it in for frat guys. She gave a speech on "if you aren't strong in algebra and trig and want to plegde and be in a frat, get out of my class." There was also the "I have thrown chalk at kids for disrupting" speech. I think that lady is Koo-Koo! Left there, still happy. I'm a female for one :) No thought of pledging to anything.

Calculus Drill: Test # 1. 9 questions, no calculators of any kind. Just brains. Well, only your brain. And, mine. Is so out of 4th grade. Which was what the quiz was on. 2/3 * 1/4= ? I missed it. Infact, I missed like 5 of the 9. I can't divide decimals, I got the numbers right, just put the decimal in the wrong place. I'm stressing.

I hae a TON of homework to do. I should not be blogging. I needed to vent~ to all those people who stopped reading after my first sentence. I've been searching for a new class since 6. It's now 10. I'm in trouble. Wish me luck.

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  1. I'm so proud of you. I have NO desire to be smarter if it means I have to go back to school. I'm super impressed!


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