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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Home!

We got in Saturday night around 10:30ish (pm), we walked in to (after being in the van since 8am):
* Lightbulbs unscrewed
* Doll head, and boots stuffed in our bed (the 'doll' is what Ann practiced hair with, she's a stylist- and VERY good... if you need her #)
* Jim on the side table
* The Matress and box springs switched (mat on bottom, box springs on top)
*And, as I go to SIT on the toilet, I find brown smeared stuff and a chunk of stuff in the pot. I later learned it was Reese's PB Cup, not poop

We have some terrific friends who 'house & fish sat' for us. All we can say is~ hehehe you just wait til we watch your house!!! :) (and, nah we aren't mad, we thought it was pretty funny--- but, we know where you sleep! LOL) Yea, I had Adam hide the doll head. I'd end up waking up and see it and freak out thinking it was a real person or The Bride of Chuckie was out to get me. No joke, I'm freaky that way- I don't do scary!

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