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Friday, August 8, 2008

Ick, Therapy Schmarapy

I was laying in bed last night thinking about this. Logen spends 14 hours (during the school year, its 16 to 17 hours) per week in therapy. Our life seems to revolve around his therapy schedule. My classes this fall (and work) will have to work with therapy. I'm very happy he gets such an intense amount of therapy. He seems to love going, and is generally pretty cooperative most days. Then, I think about people who have kids that don't have therapy. They can take them into preschool and go on about their day. Pick up their kid after work and go home. In no way am I saying that life with a 'typical' child is easy. I have a 'semi-typical' toddler, and while I secretly love that he can do all of the 'rotten' things he does- I still hurt for Logen. I don't really know what I am trying to get at. It all made sense in my head.

Here's today's schedule for example:
730, drop Logen off at preschool
8, drop Parker off at daycare
I tanned (and took a small nap)
9, home to pick up around the house and shower
1145, go get Logen
1230 Logen- speech therapy
1245 meet friend at dr to help her
130 Logen- physical therapy
230 head to the pool for OT
300 Logen - (OT) Pool therapy
415 go get Parker
515 home to get dinner ready, and prepare for baths and bed

Our days are just crazy. I guess there are many times I wish things were different. I wouldn't have a clue how to go through a day w/o therapy. Sure we get the weekends off from therapy, but they are generally packed with things to do as well. Sometimes, I just want 'nothing' to do. :P

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  1. Hi Jessica. Just wanted to comment on how great your blog is! I can see you've put heaps of effort into it. :) I stumbled across it by accident while browsing, but just so you know I'm a 16-year-old girl with CP. I have a blog but can't remember the info to update it haha. Oops.


    Anyway, sorry for the random-ness of this comment. Just wanted to let you know I was reading. :)

  2. Hey thanks for your post on my blog ( which is just my ramblings =)

    Noah does not have CP ( that we know of)...we have him checked by his neuro every 3 months until he is walking...I pray he walks on time so I never have to set foot in that office ever again...I posted on Mia's blog b/c I read she too had a traumatic birth and I wanted to know more about it..

    Noah suffered a birth injury of unknown cause/reason. We actually don't know for sure if a birth injury is REALLY the cause of his symptoms a few hours after birth but we have followed up with a geneticist as well and they all seem to think it was indeed "transient"...

    The past 9 months have been a tailspin for me as a person and as a mother..I was note expecting this when I was pregnant with my first born.

    But for now he is growing and developing 100% "normal" and is healthy and happy so we may have dodged a bullet...but as I have been told only time will tell.

    Thanks again for your post...your little boys are gorgeous!

  3. We do not attend nearly the amount of therapy you do, but I understand exactly what you mean. Our lexicon includes PT, OT, ST, etc... It is hard when you feel so overwhelmed with all therapies.

    On the other hand, I was out to lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned that she felt so rushed in her dr appointments because she has a HUGE list of questions about her 18 mo old. She asked if I had the same length of list when I went in. I told her "no" because I was lucky enough to see a professional a couple of times a week who could answer them as I go. I guess there is a silver lining to everything - LOL!

    Someone told me once that it is OK to take a vacation from therapy sometimes. We have done this where we decided that we will have a week where we have NO appointments. We call it a mini-vacation. I found it works for us :)

    Take care!


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