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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4: A Good Day!

School was a joy today :) I only have 1 course on Tues/Thursdays. It's Drama Lecture. My teacher is a Grad student and super upbeat. Today we were split up in groups and put on 2 minute long skits. I have to say, our group was the BEST :) And, i'm not just saying that either... It was cute, and we made everybody laugh. We were even giggly as we did it.

Thanks to all those who have said prayers for me this week! My first French quiz is in the morning. Eck! Wish me luck! Oh, I feel WAY smart in French 1. I'm no longer the biggest idiot in the class... even better!

* I *think* i'm going to try to wear 'real' clothes tomorrow. I have a cute new dress I'd love to wear and I picked up new shoes today for 3 bucks! (I think somebody put it in the system wrong, but it was good for me!) I do lots and lots of walking, so I am not sure how this will go. Decisions... I just feel better when I'm not in slouchy clothing.

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