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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 2: Lost

Drama Lecture: Good. Meet some very 'fruity' new people. Interactive class. I think it's going to be great.

Lost: (not a class, but a 'blonde thing' I do frequently.) Jessica got on the wrong bus. Let me explain: at my school we park WAY far away from the actual school. So, they provide a free transit system for us. There are several different bus routes, and you get on the 'color route' according to your parking lot (I use lot 56A). My bus is green, but I learned today that there's a little 2 words under GREEN on the sign. Pomfret. I haven't noticed this before. I usually luck out and get on GREEN w/o realizing it, I guess. Today, I get on Pomfret green. And, they stop near the baseball stadium. My lot is by the football stadium. Do I really pay that much attention? Uh, no. I get out and am going, oh crap. There's not a big parking lot near me. I don't think I went to the right place. So, I start walking thinking surely I will run into it. This campus can't really be that big right? I walk on. And, start to fret. I try to call my hubby b/c I found a street sign to explain where I am potentially at. Um, somebody forgot to pay that bill (I am NEVER late on bills, but for some reason the cell phone escaped me. Must've been that it was due when we were in Florida.). So, my phone is shut off. And, I can't call to ask where I might be. I keep on walking. I walk for like an hourish. Finally, I get to my lot. I walked through sprinklers even. It was hot. Thankfully, I learned a VALUABLE lesson yesterday. You could tell by clothing the experienced "U of A" students. They all had on comfy clothing and tennis shoes of some sort. Me, well I tried to look 'cute' for the first day. In blue jean capri's and flipper floppers :P Today, Jessica wore the tennis shoes and cotton shorts w/ a tee. So glad, that many steps in flip flops would have sucked.

I have 2 lessons:
1) any upcoming college students, dress for comfort your 1st day and don't forget your tennies!!!!
2) ALWAYS make sure you get on the correct bus and don't get off at the baseball stadium thinking it's the football stadium. (Actually, I didn't know which was what, I just saw the bleachers)
Oh and a 3rd, PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings.

I'm no longer in Cal. I switched it for Developmental Psychology. Joy. And, I've spent atleast 3 hours on the phone w/ Sprint today. Ugh.

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  1. Sounds like a rough day. At least you got a workout in, right?? I love dressing comfy for class. Sounds like you have the right idea!


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