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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Tropical Storrm Experience

Friday Night was crazy. We hung out at the condo most of the day, watching people pack their cars and get out of town as Fay was expected to hit Destin by sunset Friday (the big stuff holding off until the AM hours Saturday), with rain totals of up to 12 inches. We went to fill the gas tank up, we experienced very LONG lines at the pump, and people leaving w/o getting gas. The lady came on the speaker informing us there were satilite system failures a good part of the evening and we may not beable to get gas. The 2 cars infront of us left with no gas. As we pulled up, Adam decided to try. She came back on the intercom saying it was working then, but didn't know how long it would last. We also noticed a gas price hike from the time we arrived to our departure. Nothing huge, 10 cents/gal max. When we returned to the condo Friday night, there were like 5 cars in the parking lot. Going from a full lot the night before. We managed to make it out of town without to much grief. High winds and heavy rain, which did make the drive a little more interesting. We said many prayers for the people in the southern FL region. They experienced some major flooding.
This is taken standing on our back porch. You can 'sort of' see the way the wind was blowing the tree's in the next 4 photos. These were all taken around 7:30am Saturday.

View from our condo's front door.

A picture of the TV screen, before heading out Saturday. We were behind the lady, you can see the N sticking out. "DestiN"

Taken along the "Destin Bridge" (The next 4 pics were my attempt of catching the waves, which were much larger on the way out of town!)

Destin Coast

Bridge in Pensacola

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