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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Blog Family, we are taking a VACATION! For the first time in almost 5 years we are packing up & heading to Florida. We are SOOOOO excited about this. A week in a lovely condo was given to us as a wedding gift, yea- wedding! The one in 2004. We've not been able to take it until now. I told Adam earlier in the year, do or die- we will spend a week in Destin this year! We are heading out Friday and won't be back until the following Sunday. I start class on Monday. Logen will also celebrate his 5th birthday there. Say a prayer for us as we embark on a 14 hour drive (thats w/o stopping... hahahaha with Parker in the van!) We are splitting the drive and going half way Friday (after Adam gets off work and Logen is done with therapy) and the rest of the way Saturday.

~ I have college orientation (since I am moving on and going from the community college to a major university) tomorrow (8am to 6pm), think of me tomorrow. I will be bored out of my mind... I am sure.

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  1. YEAH!! Have a great time! We will miss Logen!
    Drink something icy and fruity for me will ya?!

  2. Hey girl...thanks for the comment. Yes, we have tons of simply thick. Luke's on nectar consistency and this juice requires no adding which I love!
    Have a great VACA! Jealous!

  3. Yay!! Have an awesome vacation! We are heading to Florida the Sunday you come home. I can't wait!

  4. Woo hoo!!! Im soooooo jelaous!!!

    Hope you guys have a GREAT time!!!!!

  5. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    I cannot wait to hear stories from the trip!!


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