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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Speech Eval (Post # 1)

Parker was somewhat 'non-complient' yesterday. If you can imagine that....

We did finish the eval, however- the first half hour was spent like this:
SLP: Parker, can you point to the bear?
P: No
SLP: Can you show me the ball?
P: Uh, uh
SLP: Can you say 'bye-bye'?
P: No
SLP: Where's the cookie?

She thinks he has a bit of low tone in his mouth (will catch up, it's b/c of being born early). He does have several words- but doesn't make all the noises a 'typical' 21 month old would. She will score the eval and let me know if he qualifies. It sounded like he will qualify--- so we will see. I'll let ya know!

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