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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trina Weekend :)

Trina (Hannah's mom from the CP board) flew in for the weekend. We went camping in 100 degree weather (smart decision, eh?) and floated the river Sunday. We had crazy fun :P And even took pictures (from our cell phones, so not great quality) to prove it. I do have a throw away camera somebody got ahold of Saturday night- so there is NO telling whats on it. I'll upload those when I get them. Now, I've got to figure out when I can go to Idaho!
I'm still in shock- Trina didn't know what okra was. Any other northerns that don't know what fried okra is? She ate some while she was here, and I think she liked it.
On the way to camp. Stopped at Wal-Mart for 'camping drinks'
Sunday Morning, getting ready to get on the river. (No makeup on, and after a long hot night!!)
Jess & Larson (one of our LONG time buddies)
Self Explainitory
We brought along a 'beer bong'.
Cleaning up camp

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