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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch Out World!

Why you say?! Well, LOGEN IS 5!!!!! He had a nice 'little' celebration. We swam in the ocean and the pool, went to dinner at Fudpucker's, played at a playground (BTW: Destin has some AWESOME kids play areas, like I mean HUGE ones with 6 or 7 different slide/climby things) went to get cupcakes, and little turkey was up till 1am playing with the bestest gift ever (that daddy picked out), a Batman costume.
First evening on the beach, when it was great (full day 1, he didn't think it was so great)

Logen~ "Cheesin' it up!"

Soooo super super excited. The Spiderman bag really excited him. :P

Notice his outfit. It's a "Logen picked out one". He's got a thing for camo these days.

My Hero, Batman (AKA Logen-Man)

PS~ I have a TON of pictures from our trip to show you all. :)

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