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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CT Tomorrow

Thanks for the thoughts today :) I had to reschedule my CT for tomorrow b/c my Momma wasn't able to watch Logen for me this afternoon. I go in tomorrow morning. I am beginning to get nervous about it. I know a regular CT is 'no biggie', I just don't like the contrast IV and no eating part. Then there's the whole waiting for results part! * Send NO tumor vibes my way *

I stopped by the lab today to get my 'urine jug'. I am going to post a picture of this thing. It's huge! Logen was happy to carry it out of the hospital for me though. The lab tech handed it to me and said, make sure to keep it refrigerated. I said, you want me to pee in that tiny opening and put it in my fridge? hahaha I will do this starting at 7am Sunday and take it in Monday morning- the holidays are throwing testing off.

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  1. Good luck today Jess. Prayers assured that no tumors are found!


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