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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Major Prayer Request- Logen

After odd behavior, seizure activity, a visit to the ped, and several phone conversations with his Neuro's nurse on Tuesday- it was decided that Logen needed to be admitted to the nearest Children's Hospital. (3.5 hour drive that took us about 5 hours)

He is still in the hospital. We've seen about 6 different doctor's today. The "main" Neuro spent over 2 hours with us in one sitting. At this point the testing he is doing is extensive. He is hooked up to an EEG machine. So far, we see constant brain wave abnormalities. When he was sleeping last night it was 'worse' or 'different'. He gave a specific term which I cannot remember. There's been so many 'new' words lately they are all running together.

I have mentioned the MRI differences in previous posts. The 1st MRI was abnormal. It was confirmed by several doctors that looked over both of them today- the 2nd one is 100% NORMAL. There is NO brain injury/scar, etc that shows up on an MRI. What this means: Yet another Dr that said- this is NOT Cerebral Palsy we are dealing with. We are not sure what Logen has. (I was asked if I'd ever talked to other CP parents or seen other CP kids. If I'd noticed differences. Um, yea. How long have we been saying this now?!?!?) We leave the CP dx for medical/treatment reasons I believe. B/c at this point we don't have a clue what it could be. They took 30cc of blood from little man this afternoon, who was pretty pale afterwords.

We are beginning with metabolic and genetic testing. Some of which have already been done. We are re-doing. We did an X-ray to show the bone age. Urine tests. I don't know. I haven't slept in close to 48 hours- so things are beginning to run together.

Our list of referrals thus far: Geneticist, Endocrinologist, Surgeon, Urologist, Neurogeneticist

Please pray for Logen. It's a very scary thing to not know what's going on with him. We've known this for a while now, since it's not a new thing to know 'I don't think we are dealing with typical CP or CP at all'.

Just Pray Blog Family. Just Pray.

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  1. Logen is in my thoughts and prayers. I really hope that you are able to get some answers. For as long as I have known you, you have mentioned that you do not believe this is CP. I hope that this is the place that can help you get the answers you and your family deserve.

  2. praying hard, can't imagine how difficult this must be

  3. Sorry to read this. :( Keeping Logen (and the rest of your family) in my thoughts!

  4. Thinking & praying for you all, Jess!!!
    (( BIG HUGS!!))
    Love you all...

  5. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'll be thinking of you guys.

  6. Praying for Logen and your whole family!

  7. Jess,
    I am praying! It's time you guys got some answers after a long road!

  8. I'm praying for all of you! I hope you get the answers you need and Logan gets a proper diagnosis and the help he needs! Big hugs!

  9. Hang in there Jessica!
    Lots of prayers here for your whole family!!

  10. My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. I will keep Logen in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. I will be thinking about you guys.


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