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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Letter A!

Erin sent me a this:
The letter A. I need to name 10 things that start with a letter A.

1) Applesauce, unless you are Parker and then you would say "Ass-e": Logen gets his seizure med mixed in applesauce (100% all natural, no sugar added of course!)

2) Angel: the Guardian ones that help us make it through our day! Or the one on top of our Christmas tree.
3) Airplane, the boys first time on one. Click on the link to view pictures (theres about 8-10). I can't copy & paste them for some reason.

4) Asparagus: 1 of Logen's (& mine) Favorite veggies!

5) Ant: Little bug that always manages to finagle is way into the house during spring. Parker got pretty good at ant squishing in Florida this year!

6) Automobile!!! The boys favorite toys include anything that has wheels! We also spend a great deal of time in our Automobile!

7) Arm: There are 8 arms in the above photo.

8)Animal: There are 3 Animals in his house! I think Monkey would be an appropriate label for my little men.

9)A...: The month Adam & I got married.

10) A...: The month our precious Logen was born. (This picture also says, Yay! We made it through 10 A's)

**If you are interested in blogging a letter- comment & I'll email ya one!

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  1. Great job and love the pictures! You did great:)


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