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Monday, December 29, 2008


I called the Neuro this morning. Christmas was 3 weeks waiting on the labs. Results may be in. My nerves are shot. Agggggggggggg I hope they call me soon. The pepto bottle may be empty by the end of the day.

I called last week and missed them by about 45 minutes on Tuesday (they closed early at 3). They were closed Wed-Friday. I begged the poor woman on the phone to tell me yes or no. She said, mam I can't give you that info. I said- just tell me if it says Angelmans or not. I won't tell anybody I swear. It's between you and me. No luck. :(

Please let the results be in. We see the neuro, geneticist, urologist, and surgeon next week. I believe there's 1 more dr we see as well. Pray for us to survive them all!

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