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Monday, December 15, 2008

"It's Just Not Fair...

... that he has to have so much to help his little body work right." A, Logen's Daddy

Logen was up with some MAJOR constipation tonight. It lasted over an hour before even a suppository gave him relief. He's on Miralax daily- but it must be time for a dose increase. I wonder if the pediasure has any role in this? He was just pitiful. He couldn't lay still, his little face was all scrunched up, he was crying, his tummy was tight- and nothing we were doing was helping. It's awful when you watch your baby hurt and there is nothing you are able to do to comfort them!!! I know every Momma out there will agree with me!

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  1. When Bri was on Pediasure, if we didn't get the kind with added fiber, she would get constipated, too. I recommend getting the one with fiber.


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