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Monday, December 29, 2008

Neuro Call # 1

Did you know these tests can take 3 MONTHS? Me neither.
The nurse said depending on who orders (when, how, etc) the testing they can come back in 3-4 weeks, but it's not likely. And, there's a possibilty we will be waiting around 3 months for any news. Lovely. She told me to feel free to call every Monday and Friday to check to see if they have results, but that as soon as they get them in the nurse or Dr will call us. I thought to myself, lady- I will be your worst nightmare. I am one of those moms.
We see the geneticist next week, so maybe he can help shed some light on things. Oh, my poor nerves!

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  1. You keep calling! I would do the exact same thing if I was in your shoes!! Prayers for you for tomorrow!!

  2. urrggghhh......
    what could possibly take so long!??!
    I certainly don't mind that you added me:-)
    Still keeping Logen in our night time prayers!

  3. I would call everyday until you get what you need and want. My prayers are with you. I will add your gadget too:)

  4. I am so sympathetic. No one in the 'system' cares about the results. Ditto to the other comments to call as often as you want or need.

  5. Oh Jess! These posts make my heart race! I can't imagine what it does to you! I hope you get the answers you so badly need real soon! I'll be continuously watching for updates. How about one on you? How did today go? Sigh!


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