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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I took my last final today! I cannot tell you the HUGE feeling of relief today brought. (After my exam, of course!)

My French grade has been posted.... I got an A!!! My Theatre grade was also posted, also an A!

I feel accomplished. I worked my booty off!!!!

Side Note: I go in Thursday for a Holter Monitor & I see the Cardiologist Tuesday. The heart med I started has done ZIP! I've been having some funky chest pain that will go into my shoulder, creep to my elbow and then make my fingers tingle. Apparently the Heart Center doesn't read your stress echo's until the day of your appt? The nurse from my Internal Med Dr called & said they were going to see if they could get it read before next week. We shall see.

Keep On Prayin' For My Logen!

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  1. Yah, Jess!! Congrats! (I know that feeling of relief!...:)

    still praying for Logen and now for you that you get answers to your medical issues!

  2. CONGRATS JESS!! Doesn't it feel good to be done for the semester! It is one less thing to worry about and it sounds like you kicked behind in your classes (I had no doubt!)

    I am continuing to pray for Logan. Jen (Reier's Mom from BBC) and I met up for lunch today and she is thinking of you also!

  3. YAY for Jess!!! WOO HOO! You ROCK, Momma!! :)
    (( HUGS))

  4. Yah! What a relief. I am continuing to remember Logen in my prayers.

  5. Well done!

    I hope you get your heart issue figured out soon. I think of your family often and I'm pulling for you guys!


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