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Sunday, December 21, 2008

ER: Parker P*N*S Injury

Here's a recap of last night's ER visit-

Nurse: Why are you here?
Me: My 2 y/o's penis is black on the end and it's swollen. We are worried about him.
Nurse: How did this happen?
Me: Uh, my boys were in the shower with their dad and I was standing right there, and well, we aren't really sure- Parker just stood up, grabbed his privates and was screaming that blood-curdling scream. We put ice on it, that didn't help the swelling and it certainly hasn't helped the pain.

* Nurse picks up the phone and expedites us to a room. 2.5 hours later, he is given Motrin (for pain/swelling) and the doctor puts a 'pee-pee' bag on him. He tells him that if he goes pee he can probably go home. He just cried and cried. He kept saying, 'pee'. Adam & I were hurting for him. After he finally went 'pee', he said- 'I pee, ona go ome' When the nurse came in to take the bag off- Parker made sure to tell him he 'pee' and he 'ona go ome'. The Dr came in and said there was no blood in the urine! Yay. It took an hour to d/c us.

He's got a hematoma on the end and it's still swollen. We've thrown every toy that was in the bath tub away. I am still not sure what he did. It looks like it got pinched on something. Logen couldn't have done that much damage b/c of 'hand control' issues. It had to have been a toy when he was sliding on his tummy. 2 adults were standing right there with our eyes on the boys and neither of us saw it. We feel horrible! Poor little man struggles with going potty and doesn't want to be washed or wiped. We are suppose to give him Motrin for the next 24 hours (or 1-2 days as we think he needs it).

It's just one thing after another, 'eh?!


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  1. UGH! You guys cannot catch a break can you? I hope that Parker feels better soon!

  2. Kiera- Adam said the same thing sitting in the waiting room! He said, "when will it be our turn for a break?" I was like, hey I think that frequently lately!

  3. For the whole year I have been asking the same question: where would I get a break? Looks like we got a bit of a break now... Thanks God... I just hope I dont mess it up for saying it....

    I really hope you guys get a break soon!!!!


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