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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Suze- I mailed you Vanishing Acts yesterday.
Melissa- Which one did you want?
Melinda- How about you?
Kiera- You want any of them?
Anybody else? I'd like to get them off my dresser by the end of the week. Let me know if you want any of the books- if nobody claims them, I'm donating to Salvation Army :)

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  1. Hi Jess - If you still have Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult I would love to read that one. I am SO far behind on reading right now, it might be a while.

    I will check out what I have that I could send down. I do know that I have a bunch of the Left Behind series if you would like me to figure out which ones I have. I also think I have some mindless Harliquins

  2. I'll take the other Jodi Picoult one, Jess! I also have the JP one you sent me....I *think* you said Suze wanted to read it next...you can e-mail me her address & I can send it out to her (if that's ok with you, Suze!!)
    Oooooh, or the "CUT" one.....sounds interesting!!
    THANKS, JESS!!! :)

  3. Jess, I have wanting to read Belly Laughs...I heard it was very funny! Do you read funny contemporary romances?? I just finished one, it was VERY funny..I could mail it to you if you like...


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