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Sunday, April 27, 2008


i am: trying to catch up on my blogging friends before I am out for a week
i think: about Logen's future. Today, I think about recovery and tomorrow
i know: that my husband is the most supportive, wonderful, caring man ever
i want: Logen to speak 'real' words
i have: 2 awesome, spoiled rotten children, refer to "I know" about my hubby
i wish: that my children would never know pain, but know the Lord intimately
i hate: putting away laundry
i miss: my Meme, my sisters, my daddy, Liz, all of my family I don't get to see often
i fear: recovery, the future- Logen's future to be exact
i feel: NERVOUS, anxious, scared, excited, sick to my tummy
i hear: the Christian radio station playing and the boys squeling
i smell: outside- the backdoors are open and the boys are running in and out playing
i crave: sweets, really chocolate- wishing I could keep food down- nerves!!!
i search: for ways to help Logen's life be the best it can be
i wonder: if Logen will ever stop aspirating, if he will ever talk
i regret: alot, the way I have scared my Mom & Adam lately
i love: my boys more than anything
i ache: for Logen
i care: about what others think of me
i always: think I'm not good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough
i am not: perfect, and thats something I working really hard to accept
i believe: that the Lord will help me get through this rough patch and tomorrow
i dance: through the house with my boys and practice turns I once did on dance team
i sing: when music is on, hoping nobody can hear- except my kids- they like it
i don’t always: have a spotless house, dinner done on time
i fight: with myself more than anyone
i write: things on my blog the rest of the world probably doesn't care to know :P
i win: the love of my babies and hubby everyday
i lose: my sanity daily, and when Adam walks in the door, I usually feel better
i never: eat fried potatoes. yuck-o-la
i confuse: lots of people, sometimes the things I say make no sense even to me
i listen: to my boys fight, yell, jabber, laugh everyday
i can usually be found: in my house, in my van, at L's therapy clinic, or WalMart
i am scared: of loosing the ones I love most
i need: my family, my friends, and you
i am happy about: tomorrow, going to Florida in August, possibly Minn in the fall

I would love for you to copy & paste your answers on your blog too! I stole this from Andrea M

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