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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Monkey In 'Da Hooouusseee

As I type, my computer is on the kitchen table- what I see at this very moment. My smallest child (aka MONKEY) sitting behind the laptop ON THE TABLE. When we are not in the kicthen, the chairs go up on the table or in the garage. He's a climber. You have to watch him. I have found him hiding in various places such as; the bathroom cabinets, drawers, in the dryer, on the kitchen counter top, in the bathtub, beds, the couch, dining room table, coffee table, side tables, I could go on- The point is- this monkey keeps me on my toes!

* Logen walked in and saw this post. He was jumping (as best as he can) and signing "monkey" making some funky noises, that could be passed off as a monkey! He's a cute kid!

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