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Friday, April 25, 2008

Good To Go...

Hopefully!!!!! As long as my lab work comes back normal & my pregnancy test is negative (which it *should* be since ole' Aunt Flo is visiting this week)I am good to go for "a new me" on Monday!
The game plan:
No food, drink, gum, notta thing after midnight sunday
Be at the hospital at 9:30 am Monday, at this time my anxiety level will have like quadrupled (I flubbed on the spelling).
Surgery start time will be around 11ish. He has a minor surgery before mine that starts at 8. So, when he's done I imagine he'll take a break (I hope he'll take a break) then start on me.
My "official" surgery name: "bilateral breast augmentation and mammoplasty" To the real world, we are lifting & filling my, um, breasts.
I should be in the OR for 3-4 hours'ish'
Recovery time will vary, depending on how I handle the procedure & anesthesia

My appt took about an hour and a half today. Parker was with me and he was a little crabby. There were some great nurses who played with him though. We were walking out of the building and it was pouring, like 'cats and dogs' raining! I quickly folded up the stroller and ran with Parker and the stroller in my arms to the van. We jumped in the back and closed the door. I put Parker in his seat and climbed to the front. Can you picture this? Your laughing! I know, it was kinda funny. If anybody could see me through the rain, I am sure they were laughing at the sight of jumping into the back of a minivan with my child and a stroller- in a dress no doubt!!!

I am still thinking something is going to happen and I will not be having surgery Monday. It's like something is nagging me. I can't figure out why I keep thinking this. Maybe b/c I want this done so badly (and the last time I had breast surgery scheduled I ended up pregnant with Parker) I think it won't happen. I'm still nervous, and excited. I haven't figured out which one outweighs the other. Family doesn't know, unless the read my blog of course. Well, my Mom- but she's like my best friend- she knows just about everything! We are certainly not telling Adam's side, esp my MIL. They can figure it out on their own or just think I gained weight. Not like they'd notice anyway, I think his mother has seen Parker 4 times in his almost 18 months of life. It's pretty pathetic actually. I'm not going there on this post... In the next (less than 72 hours!) few days, you can expect "I'm totally freaking out" posts to appear! And, of course, no posts during recovery time. If you'd like recovery info, and I'm up to it- send me an email with your phone # and I can text you when I am able. I have had several requests. I told them that if they get a text that looks something like this "aldihoih" I am ok! :)

Love & Hugs blog family! My email is to your left! ~ J

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  1. Oh, Jess....you sound like your "old self" here.....I am so exicted, happy, nervous...everything...for you!! Be sure to text me & let me know how everythings going!! :)
    Love ya!!


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