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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today marks 4 years of marriage. It's gone by fast, that's a good thing, right? I fall more in love with my husband all the time. He's not one of those guys that's romantic and he's not terribly great at the touchy-feely stuff. And, that's ok b/c I know he loves me. He proves it over and over again everyday. We never hang up the phone w/o saying "I love you". We have gone to bed angry at each other maybe 3 times in the last 4 years. My husband is a wonderful father, thats been proven over and over as well. He loves his boys more than life. If I had it to do all over again, I would certainly marry Adam everyday of the year. I would chose to run away and get married though! Weddings are over-rated!

4 years ago today...
* It was a rainy Good Friday.
* My hair lady got in an auto accident a few days before, but said she'd still do my hair (it took about 5x longer than it should have)
* I still didn't have jewery or a bra to wear under/with my dress.
* Logen was released from the hospital the day before our wedding- seriously thought we were going to have to cancel the wedding.
* I was late getting to the wedding place, and a bit late getting ready ~ Mr. Logen wanted to nurse.
* We forgot the bubbles, but it rained- so we didn't use them anyway.
* We forgot the video camera, so my wedding is not on tape. Still bummed!
* My to-be husband told me I was the most beautiful woman alive when I got down the isle.
* It rained some more (My Momma said it washed away our past and allowed us to create a new life together! How lovely to put it.)

I'm closing with some Wedding Pictures. I've never posted any of these, so I thought today would be a good day to do so.
Silly Sisters Tiff (big sis) & Me, I love this picture! Too funny :)
Sisters before the Wedding
My Mommy & Me
Adam & his brothers
The "procession" Logen, (newphew) Zach, and Alyssa (one of my best friends daughters)
Momma & Daddy walking me down the isle
Logen got cranky, so Dave (my stepdad) ducked and ran out.
Mr & Mrs Duncan :)
Wedding Party (Abbey, Hannah, Alyssa, Tiff, Me, Adam, Zach, Logen, Jerod, Andy)
My Parents. (Dave, Mom, Me, Liz, Dad)
My Daddy's Girls.
It's Official!
The Cake
The Cake Mess
The Cake (I know Chrystie will LOVE the Hog cake!)
Did you make it through? Didn't mean to post that many, got carried away!

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I LOVED the pics too....you look so young!! :)
    Can't believe you've never shared those with us!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I love the pics! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Happy late anniversary! I LOVE the pictures! It is so much fun to see the big day! I hope you had a great evening!

  4. Nice Pictures... Happy Late Anniversary.

  5. Happy late anniversary!!! Those are some GREAT pictures!! TFS them all!!!


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