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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Totally Freaking!

So, today- I've pretty much polished off a bottle of yummy (icky) pepto. I mowed the front yard and it took me about 3x as long as it usually does b/c I kept having to make bathroom trips. I also did about 5 loads of laundry (wash, dry, put away), scrub the master bath (I mean really scrub- I took the shower doors off and washed them with the water hose and clorox {ok, Adam took them off}), re-arranged our bedroom, and cleaned it, changed everybodies sheets, cleaned the living room floors with ammonia, re-arrranged my kitchen counter tops and cleaned them. Can you tell I am trying very very hard to keep myself busy? In between bathroom runs, of course.

Anybody else want a text after (on the way to the hosp for sure!) surg Monday? I'm on central time. Surg is *suppose* to start at noon. No clue when discharge will be. I will most likely create a mass text before hand that says, "I made it through" and save it in my pending box then have my Momma (Adam is text illiterate) hit send when I am out of the OR. Email me if ya do~ jklduncan@yahoo.com

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