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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Woman In Need Of Major Prayers

Kristy (a lady whom I do not know IRL) lost her husband recently. Her posts made my heart ache for her. I cannot imagine loosing a spouse and how badly her heart hurts right now. Her faith in our Lord seems to be very strong, that will keep her going more than anything! Here is her blog post for those of you who cannot access her blog. Would you please keep her and her family in your prayers? I am sure they would be very greatful.

October 15, 1976 - March 23, 2008

My husband drowned in a freak/tragic boating accident this weekend. It happened Sunday, just after 5pm sometime, and his body was recovered this afternoon. I have spent the entire time (along with various other members from both families), including nights, down at a river landing and only got home this afternoon. We had no phone reception unless somebody drove out a few kilometres (as was done periodically). Life has become a living hell.

I just wanted people to know where I was. I might be here. I might not be here. I alternate between a helpless, sobbing, agonising mess when there could be nothing further from my mind than a blog and a dry-eyed, disbelieving. aching calm before the storm where I can function on a basic level (as now). And I know that will be my life for a long time to come...

I'm terrified of all the tomorrows. Steve was a wonderful, wonderful husband and I don't know how I'm going to survive without him. I appreciated him, and he knew it, but I'm realising just how much of a pillar of support he was to me in so many different ways. He also was very affirmative and cuddly (words of affirmation and physical touch being his love languages!) and both of those leave gaping holes when taken away. They are both things that I thrived on.

If you can pray, please pray. God and me are on strained terms at the moment. There's many reasons why and those who know me best and/or longest will understand. So I really need other people to do the main work for me right now and thank you to anyone and everyone.
It was a week ago today that this nightmare started.Today, last week, started off with such promise. We woke early, refreshed, after a good (early) night's sleep. Steve read our devotional to us while we lay in bed before getting up. We didn't usually do this in the morning but, for some reason, he decided to. We were ready early for church and walked calmly out the door--instead of our usual frantic departure. I commented how unusual it was for us to be so organised and relaxed on a Sunday morning.
We had a good morning at church and hung around chatting to people for a fair while afterwards. We got home later for lunch than planned, but we didn't care. My family was staying with us and we were going to eat lunch then meet Steve's parents down the river. We were late but it wouldn't matter. The day was so beautiful.
We had a wonderful afternoon on the river. Steve ferried everybody up and down the river, beginning and ending with me "because [I] was the most important". We managed to sneak some time alone around the river bend and, on being interrupted, planned to take the boat out again together later.
Later never came. Hell did.
This time last week, we were camped at a river landing watching emergency crews comb the river and its banks for my husband. I think I got 2-3 hours restless sleep about 3am when the emergency crews had to stop for the night.It's unbelievable that something like this could happen to somebody like Steve. If anything was expected to take his life unexpectedly, it would be the truck--not a little tinny on a little river. I'm still in disbelief that his body--so tough; so strong and hard-working; so full of life--could end up overcome so easily and so close to safety. But the reality is all too true. And I have no good reason why."

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