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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I ran into WalMart Friday night to grab a few things, mainly stuff to make sure the boys are well fed in the coming week. I stopped by the book isle to pick up a few books to *hopefully* read this week, since I won't be doing much else. I read a book by Elizabeth Flock earlier this year and thought she was a pretty good author. She had 1 other one at Walmart, so I grabbed it. I started reading it yesterday. The name, "But Inside I'm Screaming". Many of you know what's happened in my life in the last week. Well, I'm at a point in this book where she is going through something SOOO, SOOO, SOOO similiar to what I did last weekend. I sat there staring at a certain paragraph and was just thinking, "wow". Is it a good thing for me to continue reading this book or not? I think that maybe God placed this book in my hands for a reason? Does that sound silly? Why else would I grab a book like this one out of the blue. I didn't even read the back of it before I bought it. I started reading it and had no idea what it was about. I just thought it was ironic.

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