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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gettin' Older

Some of you that read this are going to laugh at me. That's ok. I just had a realization this morning. - I'm getting older. My mom said something over the weekend about me turning 24 this year. I'm already 23, when did this happen? I'm stuck at me being 20. Next year, I'll be half way to 50. My middle-baby sister will be 17 this year. I still picture her being 6 years old. My baby-baby sister will be 13! WOW. Time flies.... especially when you become a mother and forget about your own birthday... As for the picture above, I feel like that today :) I did a *small* workout last night, and am very sore this morning. I used to beable to do the spilts 4 years ago.... Now, I'd fall over in pain if I tried. Hmm... my *old* self should do those stretches again this morning. I've been thinking about joining a gym. Maybe I should think on that a little harder. They do have free child care and tanning. Since, I'm adicted to tanning- might not be a bad idea ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Laugh at you? How about kill you! Make us 29yo's feel like dinosaurs! LOL. Sorry you are sore today, wah wah wah. ;)

  2. It must be the Mom in me that makes me feel old :)Dawn~ You DON'T look like a dinosaur!!!

  3. Melissa (JoshNMiasMommy)January 22, 2008 at 12:13 PM

    BOO-FRICKIN-HOO!!! ;) Cry me a river......this coming from a 30-somethin'!!!
    You know I love you, old lady!!!!

  4. But oh do I feel like a dinosaur someday's. Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Melissa!

  5. No, no tanning! Bad! Bad! You'll age before your time! Just kidding. I'm just jealous because my body absolutely refuses to retain any pigment whatsoever. Anyway, about feeling old...TELL ME ABOUT IT! I keep treating my sister like she's still 12 years old! It ticks her off, but I can't help it..to me, she still is. And my brother? He's still a little 8 year old ankle biter, as far as I'm concerned! There is NO WAY they are both all grown up! There is NO WAY I am really almost 25!


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