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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Funnies

We actually had a humerous trip to St Louis. Here are a few funnies I remember.

* We stopped at Target. We had parked in handicapped, since we have a tag now. An older man was taking an electric carts back inside. My 45 y/o mother was getting out of the van. The man came over and said, "Mam, do you need this?" Momma - I hate to tell you this, but you know you will NEVER live this down!!!!

* Our last night there, we ate at Texas Roadhouse (melt in your mouth steaks). There was a table that sat behind us. Parker was throwing a fit to get out of his highchair (this is completely normal, I assure you). I got him out and held him. The ladies in the booth behind us had Parker suprises most of their dinner. He kept getting ahold of their booth and pulling himself over right into their faces. They seemed to enjoy him.

* We ate at IHOP on our way out of town Tuesday. This isn't terrible funny, but sweet. An older lady was sitting at the table next to us. She struck up a conversation as soon as we sat down. She asked us where we were from and we told her, "Arkansas" She said, "Is it all mountains down there?" "Sure is pretty". We talked about our state. Then, about why we were in St L. She pulled out a little journal and asked us our names. We told her (first names only). She said she was writting them down so she could remember to pray for us. Especially Logen. Angel's come in unexpected places, don't they?

* This was from the first time we went to St Louis, I think I was about 13. I should be embarressed. But, I am not. I laugh...
~ We had been in St Louis for about 2 days. At the time I lived in Central Arkansas, a good 10 hours from St L. I asked my Mom and Dave- "Why are there so many Missouri license plates in Arkansas?" Their reply-- "There's our 4.0 student.

I know there were several, that I thought- I must remember to blog about. I maybe editting this later.

Oh, we ate White Castle for the first time on this trip. Wasn't bad, a bit greasy.
Sorry, I haven't updated on Logen's appt. Haven't felt like it, honestly. I'll get there. Until then, bear with me.

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  1. LMAO. I would tease my mother over something like that, too! Oh, thanks for the laughs, Jess, I needed them!

  2. I love it Jess! Just to share my St. Louis story.. My two girlfriends and I drove in to be bridemaids in my friends wedding and the FIRST thing we saw when we got into town was a carjacking! Kid you not, the car almost hit us as we were going to our hotel. We had not even been in St. Louis for 5 minutes and already we were police witnesses (nothing came of it -- the cop told me I was an AWFUL witness - LOL). I had to call my husband and tell him that if the police called, I was not in trouble :)

    Glad you had some fun St. Louis stories! I love the iHop story - so sweet!


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