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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Water... Update

It's 4pm on DAY 2 of the 'pipe' problem. WE NOW HAVE RUNNING WATER! I'm out of the stone age!!!!! Brian called a 'plumber friend' and after the 6th trip to Lowe's, it's fixed! It took, um, 6 guys for me to have water again. 6 of them! Plus, Logen & Parker- you know they were in the middle of it. I'm so excited! I am going to wash sheets, do several loads of towels, clothes, etc and run the dishwasher (I think I have 2 loads to do) And, best of all- We will have a home cooked meal for dinner... no more honey roasted peanuts for me!!!! (That was my dinner last night along with some Taco Bell around midnightish) Kinda difficult to cook w/o water.

Thanks to my Momma & Dave for letting us shower and eat at your house this morning! I think this mornings shower was the best ever! So great to be CLEAN :)
And, of course, thanks to all the guys who helped fix my shower! I'm SO GREATFUL!

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  1. Yah!!! Sound like you had a busy weekend over there. Hope you get a little relaxing in today. Though you are probably doing your leg lifts and dishes. LOL


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