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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Baby Has FRIENDS!!!!

My heart smiled HUGE this morning blog family! HUGE! This morning, when we walked into preschool there was a lady (I cannot remember her name) who said, Good morning Logen! When we started down the hall she came out from behind the desk and said, "I HAD to give my little Logen a hug!" She gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek. He had a big 'ole grin on his face! She said, "Have a good day Logen!" It was too cute :) I've seen her in his class before. She was in there one day last week when I dropped him off. She was sitting on the floor and when Logen saw her, he walked right over to her and sat on her lap. She gave him 'suga's' then to. This young lady likes my baby and he, obviously, likes her too!

He has another friend his age too. His name is Jermaine. J helps Logen a little too much sometimes and his teachers have to remind him that Logen can do things on his own. I walked into his class one day, and Logen completely ignored that I was there. J grabbed his hand and pulled him over to me and said, "Logen- your mommy is here and I think it's time for you to go home now." I had to laugh. I think Logen is doing very well in school. And, his teachers seem to really, genuinely care! The whole feeding aspect is still bothering me, but I think it will be worked out soon.

Hugs blog family! Have a wonderful day!!!

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