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Thursday, January 31, 2008

No School Friday

Agggggg... the snow is messing with our schedule! Do you know what unexpected schedule changes do to my children? Seriously... 4 days of no school- Monday is going to be complete and utter caos for my little Logen man! And, for Momma! Not sure if therapy is canceled tomorrow or not, they haven't posted that. All of the schools are closed though. Should have figured that one out on my own. It's like 20 degrees outside and the ground is wet! Duh, Jess!!!! :P

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  1. We're celebrating our snow day up here. And you probably have a wee bit of snow. You southerners are so nutty about snow! Go build a snow man!

    Love Parker's collage btw. I just want to squeeze those cheekies!

  2. oh sure, you guys...rub it in with the snow days! :(
    Every school within 10 miles was closed for ice today but our district! Figures! :(


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