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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arrr (Me, growling)

Parker's temp is back. His last day on antibio's was yesterday. He had a rectal temp (ya know, the most accurate) of 102.7 earlier. It did go down after a good dose of motrin. If it continues to pop back up, we will be back in the ped's office tomorrow. Goody- I love it there.

Took Logen to the ENT yesterday- for the blood coming out of his ear- and his tube was dislodged. The problem was fixed in the office and he's as good as new today! We go back in 6 weeks for a check up.

As for me, I feel like a total lard today. I ate (and I am NOT kidding) about 25 oreos for breakfast (they are around what, 50 calories a piece!) I did NOT work out today. I did spent an hour in WalMart, so that should count for something.

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