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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Aug Comm Training

WOW! Thats really what I want to scream! Logen's SLP (Jenn) and I completed a 2 day (6 hour) training today for Logen's new aug comm device (PRC's Vantage). It was AMAZING. I really learned alot. I am absolutely amazed at how beneficial the training was and how much the device can actually do. My word of advice is- if your child has or gets a communication device- you MUST attend a training session. You will learn so so so much.

I learned how to upload digital pics to the device, create new pages, change pronunciation, move things around, etc. And, of course- really learned how to speak with the device. I came out of the training knowing how to speak full sentences! And, I can program it! Yay me :) Most of you know, that I was excited to get the device but a little upset (ok, maybe alot upset) that my baby needed it. While I am still sad that he needs it, after attending the training I am much more thrilled about having it. It's going to be a wonderful tool for us all. Best of all, Logen will beable to talk to me!!! (And you!) How great is that?! So, we will begin hitting the device at lightening speed so that we can move up to the next level. There are many levels of the device, it grows along with him. I am telling you, it's too cool!!!

Wish us luck as we embark on yet another journey with Logen! In OT yesterday, he found 'category' then 'toys'. Thats a 2 hit sequence! Go Logen!!!!!!

Jenn~ thank you for hosting the training at your home. And, for taking the time to do the training with me. You are AWESOME! I'm so glad we did it!

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