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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Do I Do?

Adam has never really sat down and read everything on my blog before. He did today and got mad. He read my "here it is" post and freaked out. He said, I don't think they need to know that kind of stuff. It's to personal. He hates that I think I'm fat. He gets upset at me when I bring it up. I think mostly b/c it scares him, but I don't really know. You don't know the people that are reading that information. I think he has a good point. I struggled with starting a blog in the first place bc there are so many crazy people out there. So, now I don't know what to do. It is such a relief to blog. Now we are in a great disagreement over it. I am mad, he is mad- help me! Do I just erase it or set it to totally private? Or change the link so nobody knows it?

Please say a prayer for me (us) today.

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  1. I stuggle with the privacy of the blogging too. But I figure that a "bad" guy would be more apt to follow you home from a park then find your exact blog link. Now personal stuff....I sometimes think I should do a blog just about Sammy and my feelings, because I would say that it is theraputic to have a place to express your feelings. I have LOVED reading your blog and have found much strength reading your experiences. But you have to do what is best for your family. Though selfishly I want you to keep writing about everything!!!

  2. I also struggle with it. I have so many thoughts about what to write, but my DH would get really mad at some of the sharing. I admire your boldness and at some point hope to follow your example :) Share what you want and know that we are all here if you want to share something offline :)

  3. I have a girlfriend who has a "family" blog that she puts all the fun stuff on about her kiddo and the good-feeling stuff...then she has a private blog that her friends can access that have her heart-stuff on...you can make that one super personal and super private...just a thought to help, because I want to keep reading all the good and the bad

  4. You know I have issues with the privacy thing. That's why I have one for public access, and one for only a few people to read. I love reading your blogs, and hope you continue to blog, but you do have to do what is best for you and your family. If that means no more blogging, or setting it to private, than so be it. I'll still be here to talk when you need to vent.


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