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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pay Attention, Jess!

Last night- Logen & I got into the van (which is usually parked in the garage) to go to the after hours clinic. Logen would cry every time he coughed, so I thought I should take him in. In my defense, I had a screaming child in the backseat- which frazzles my thinking a bit. I open the garage and back out. Do I know my husbands car is there? Yes. It's been there for how many years now?! I smack right into it. Thankfully, my van hasn't been fixed from the wreck in November- so I don't have to worry about that. However, the front end of my hubby's car doesn't look to great. On top of feeling like crap and having 2 sick kids to deal with- we now have 2 damaged vehicles. Nice. We probably aren't going to get his fixed. We think he can pop the side panel out where it won't look so bad. That's really all it messed up. It'd cost a few thousand to get his fixed, and it's not really worth that. It's a fairly new car (2002) and has like 40,000 miles on it. As long as the motor is running, we'll keep it. Damaged or not. So, my lesson of the day- pay attention when you back out of your garage you might hit something :)

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  1. OH NO Jess! I think that sickness and a crying baby do give you an excuse. I hope that none of you were hurt

  2. We were all ok, besides getting fussed at from a pretty cranky hubby :( LOL


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