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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Have A Bug- or 15

Some how, my computer got sick. Yea, it's got some funky virus. So, right now- I'm cleaning it off. Getting all my pictures and music burned onto disks so I can wipe it out. Just wanted to let the 'blogger world' know that if for some reason I disappear for a few days- I crashed my computer. My computer guru friend, Brian, will be talking me through it over the phone in a bit. He's out of town for work- or I'd make him come do it. Keep your fingers crossed my computer makes it out ok. I'll go insane and my house will be completely spotless, we'll be eating gourmet meals, and my kids won't be getting away with eating dirt if it's broken. And, we ALL know we can't let that happen!! Haha

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  1. bummer girl! When you come back pray that I don't lose my entire blog. I'm attempting to do the 3 column thing from blog tips!

  2. I'm not gone yet. Refer to the above post. The 3 column thing wiped my blog clean and I had to start over- not with the posts, just my side bar stuff. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you've done with the place... LOL


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